Maison Zilveli by Jean Welz

I stumbled on this house back in 1991 by accident. It immediately struck me through its simplicity and boldness. A largely retangular box hovering out over the cliffside with a picture window to the view, almost like a kind of watchtower or urban telescope. There is precious little out there about this house. It was built in 1933 and designed by Jean Welz while working for Louis-Raymond Fischer. Fischer was responsible for the ‘Corbusian’ house next door to Villa Cook. The strange concrete arm that juts out to the side, and now sadly gone, was an outdoor study. It consisted of a built in desk in concrete set within the arm. Imagine studying, reading, resting while perching in this little box. The house is in quite bad shape, held up with added supports, although the interior retains a sense of its original design. It features double glazed windows on most sides. After seeing the house in 1991 I lost it for 24 years. I routinely checked maps to try and remember the walk I took that day and relocate the house. I thought google maps would make things easier but it was only late last year I found it again and was able to trace its name and history.


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